Future Sales Begin with Onboarding Clients

If 75% of a real estate’s business comes from referrals, how do you stand out in a competitive market? How do you attract referrals from past clients and network to attract clients in your community?

Life is an energy exchange. A phrase heard and often dismissed but have you ever wondered why some agencies always have clients signing to sell and wanting to buy? Others seemingly struggle to attract and keep clients.

If you are interested in getting more client referrals, read on for 3 ways to receive client referrals in a competitive market.

The following three headings to stand out

1. Community over Competition

Notice all the businesses your business (including your staff) interact with. Think of creative ways to share this with your community. Where do you buy coffee, have meetings, buy lunch, get catering from or who do you use for property maintenance? 

Be aware of what they offer and use this in your social media platforms. Including others makes them feel valued for their service or product, grateful they received free marketing, and this may keep your business front of mind if they know someone is wanting to sell or buy. It is the law of life that when you genuinely do good for others it comes back to you.

2. Communication with Clients

Let us explore something: value and values. Firstly, clients want the best deal whether selling or buying. This comes from achieving the results, exceeding expectations and the way they feel during the process. Your job is to make it as smooth as possible, by being honest and sharing with them the progress of the sale or purchase. Clients hire people who they believe will do the best by them, honouring that often-unspoken belief, is what assists to build trust in you and your business.

It is communication on what is being done and what it required of the seller or buyer. It is making them feel at ease with the process and answering questions, that to you may be simple, but to them it may be new territory or unnerving when buying/selling a home or investment. Assist to make the process as smooth as possible. Sure, it is the dollar that drives but it is the service that retains current clients and attains new business.

When the process of the contracts being signed, and exchanged is complete, ask the client for a referral. Make it an easy process and send them a link to a real estate referral, (Link here. Kat the agents you work with may have their preference of referral agency depending whether they are independent or part of a network) where they can comment on their experience. Future clients will read the acknowledgements of your agency and on board from these referrals. This gives you exposure to both your local community and others wanting to move to the area.

3. Create Useful Content

The advent, access and use of websites and social media platforms, allows real estate agents to use a variety of ways to share useful content. Traditional billboards, shop windows and media articles can be enhanced via social media.

Keeping your business and the service it offers top of mind, could involve informing clients (without saturation) of homeowner tips for presenting the property and information about the property market in your area. Featuring local businesses in your social media content also allows for the continual building of trust and to maintain community networks.

Create a newsletter via email. It is somewhat more individualised than a social media post. Although the same email may be generated to all clients, it is delivered to a personal email address and the client can then interact with you on a more private level. This will help increase the chance of your business receiving a referral in the future. It also allows readers to know you are an expert in the local community and you value their contribution to others.


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Written by Raelene Dal Santo – Author of Live with Love

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