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About Us

Prospecting Super Powers

We are driven by results.  There is a world of opportunity and having the lack of time or knowledge shouldn’t be a barrier.  Having grown hundreds of businesses using the power of Digital Marketing  together with an insatiable desire to be better than yesterday The Social Realtor is placed as a local industry leader in the Prospecting Conversation.

Our Core Principles



Businesses need clarity. We believe in setting focuses and targeted goals, and steering growth towards the end goal.  We believe in defining solutions and raising all efforts to achieve them.



Growing businesses takes grit.  It takes stamina, the ability to be agile and the dedication to see it through.  We know what it’s like in the trenches, in the calamites and in the good times.



We believe your Word is everything.  If you don’t have it – you have nothing.  We are not into over promising and under delivering.  We are dedicated to standing by our moral compass of – do no harm, and we will always say no things do not align with core values or that of our clients.

Our Team

Meet The Power behind your Prospecting

We live and breath Digital Marketing for Real Estate Agents
no seriously - we LOVE it.

Founder, Rob

Will you be like minded
So – Rob too is not a Real Estate Agent – but he is a very experienced Information systems integrator, who also has a depth of experience in marketing and business management. He loves to help agencies grow and expand to their fullest potential.

Just like you!

he is hardworking and truly dedicated to getting the best results for his clients. If there is a way to automate or systemise it Rob is your man to make it happen. His motto is “work smarter, not harder” he will truly bring efficiency to agency operations.

What need will you fulfil for them?
Rob is the one responsible for creating a fully automated prospecting machine for your agency, designed to attract, filter and nurture your ideal clients. At the point when they are ready to commit to signing your contract, he gets them to book their own appointment on your calendar so you can close the deal.
As a systems guy, he is a bit of a nerd but he loves to generate wins for our client and always gives 100%. But be warned he will open the flood gates on your leads so you better be ready to bring your A-game as your business is about to take off.

Why choose you over someone else?
Other agencies have been known to muddy the waters for the marketing industry by providing poor quality leads that are not ready to work with you. This is where we are different we do not provide leads, we provide quality per qualified appointments booked directly into your calendar by your own automated prospecting machine.

Rob Armstrong

Founder & System Automater

My role at The Social Realtor is to build out
your automated your prospecting machine.

Rob escaping the office.

When I am not driving growth for the agents we work with, I am a family man that loves to explore the world and provide unforgettable experiences for my children.

We Will Help You
Every Step Of The Way

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important things you should know

Questions And Answers

We are a Lead Generation company per se!  What we do is build or help you build a completely automated prospecting system using a combination of AI-driven technology and social media.  This way we can help you get prequalified appraisals or buyer appointments each month.

That depends on who you are looking for. As we build a fully customised solution around your needs and spend time to first understand your business, we can laser target your ideal clients using a range of advertising platforms depending on where our research has proven that they spend time on.

We are dedicated to Real Estate Agents, Realtors and Real Estate Agencies.  We work with Agents just starting out to those agencies looking to scale.

We speak Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn.  All are completely different beasts and we know how to get the most out of each of them. 

We have worked with dozens of small businesses to help them find their place on Social Media, grow their audience and reach and nurture those relationships through the customer journey.

We also combine the powerhouse that is Facebook Ads to leverage data and growth exponentially from both a paid and organic perspective.

Our best advice for you at this stage would be to invest in yourself. You can not expect customers to trust and invest in you if you don’t the first trust and invest in yourself. So to this end, I would recommend you reach out to a member of our team and explore the options. 

We collate this data into a monthly email we send to our client outlining the key findings from each month. 

We also provide an update on the KPI’s and Goals we have set in our strategies, and share where we have won and what may need attention


We have a range of offerings starting with as little as a $500 but without first having a chat to understand your business/current situation we do not even know if we can help you.