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Real Estate Professionals

Find more leads with Facebook™ Ads

2.6 Million people are
logging into Facebook each and every month.

Reach Your Audiance

Build your Real Estate Agency Exponentially.

Imagine you could measure your spend – down to the cent, work with a tailored strategy and Facebook’s ENORMOUS database – all the while honing your offer and finding qualified leads.

Whether you are running ads right now and finding your spend up and down like the property market – or you are just new to running lead generation ads – the news is all good.

There has never been a better, easier or faster time to learn more about your particular market than through Facebook™ Ads.

This is THE time time to ditch the flyer and work online

The POWER of Facebook™ Ads allow you to:

Measure Results
in Detail

Don't throw $$'s at radio or television when you can't measure the results. Facebook Ads provides real time data and ad spend so you will know exactly how much it costs you to achieve your objectives

Know Your

Its Funny - You may think you know your market- but after running Facebook™ Ads you will know them intimately. By testing ads and reading the data -you will know exactly who is responding to the services you offer.


Facebook Ads allows you to create Lead Generation forms inside an ad. collect prospects details there and then and begin building a solid and qualified leads base to begin to grow your professional services fast

As a result – your ad spend will optimise, Your budget will crystallise AND your leads will materialise

Need Proof

Let the Results Speak for themselves

Lead Gen Video on how we turned $250 into $150,000

Picture 22

29 leads at $3.45 per lead
and another 22 Leads at $5.00 per lead

Picture 25

18 Leads at a cost of $8.88 per lead in 10 days

Picture 26

Build your Real Estate Agency Exponentially.

People don’t come to Facebook to look at ADS!

They come to connect with other humans.

So – how do we do this and how do you get there?

Setting goals is the key. Some examples would be:

Find more Vendors

Lower Ads Costs

Sell more houses

Build Stronger Market Share


So you can have a Successful Real Estate Agency that has you living the life of your dreams.

Our proven 3 step systems Quickly Builds your professional brand and Increases Leads

Step 1.
Make Your Ads accessible to potential vendors

Make your ads accessible to potential vendors. Make them inviting, Make them comfortable Make them enjoyable, Make them inspiring. Make them look like the content people are already consuming on Facebook! Otherwise – they won’t cut through the sales resistance and you will be spending dead money. Instead we create engaging, professional and realistic ads that lean into vendor worries.

Step 2.
Facebook's Algorithm is genius,
let's tap into it

There is NOTHING out there like Facebook’s SMART and POWERFUL Algorithm Using Facebook Ads – we let it loose and read the data. That’s the smart way to then fine tune the data and train the pixel. The pixel is the piece of code that will define your agency choices as it brings back invaluable data about your client and customer base! Let it breath!

Step 3.
The final piece of the puzzle, is Huge and so important

It’s the ONE thing that most Agencies neglect – and get Hellish wrong. The one thing they need to really focus on THE COPY. Don’t overload your copy with facts and figures. Don’t crowd it with emojis on steroids Keep it simple Value Added . Don’t always sell houses, sell your Real Estate Agency

Don’t look like every other Real Estate Agency screaming for user attention and getting completely rejected.

Build your Real Estate Agency Exponentially.

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Have Questions, get Answers

If you want to grow in the thing you are good at – let us do the thing we are good at.  Trying to work with Facebook Ads while growing your business is like trying to be a brain surgeon who likes butterflies.  You can do it … but something will have to give – and that’s usually the result. 
We do this every day.  Facebook changes every day. We keep up with everything every day.
Plus – we have a few proven strategies that only come from years in the trenches! 
There are so many variables to anser this question but… 
If your ad account is brand new – I would budget and prepare for three months to begin to see target results.  This is because we need to warm your account and train the pixel to find your niche market.  
This part takes time and is an always evolving process. 
Every thing we do is done in the trenches.  We work out our systems and test ways to work with Facebook Ads every single day.  
No client is the same – but our knowledge bank grows which allows us to use Facebook’s platforms to the best of our abilities every single day.
We have helped clients reach high profit months ongoing and help them understand the data to make better decisions about their business.
Facebook Ads works for MOST legitimate Professional Services businesses. There are some industries that don’t do well due to Facebook’s Advertising Policies and Community Standards.
For more information see https://www.facebook.com/policies/ads/ 
Is the sky blue!!?  
Seriously – anyone who tells you Facebook Ads don’t work is either doing it themselves or running with a lower end agency. 
Facebook’s powerful pixel dominates both cold and warm leads and drives decision making through the data it brings back like nothing else. 
Using the right creative, good copy and targeting the right audience – its a no brainer! 
This all depends on the strategy and objectives you go with.  If you are looking to run an year-long ad – you could do so for as little as $2.00 per day. 
But if you are looking for something more complex, more driven and with tighter timeframes your budget will match your needs. 
There are many variables that go into creating successful Facebook Ads and successful campaigns. 
Research – knowing the product, the market and how Facebok’s systems culminate into a successful start. 
Copywriting – good, solid copywriting skills for Facebook’s community that entice propects to want to know more. 
Creatives – video, still images, carousels dyanamic experience and the overall presentation of the ad are paramount to successful campaigns. 
Custiom Audiences – through learning, reading the data and understanding both Facebook and people build solid results.
The Offer – placing the right offer to the right people who are in need of it and are more likely to click the learn more button are key strategies to audience experience of Professioal brands. 
Conversion Rates – an ultimate measuring stick – how many clicks convert to people filling in lead generation forms or make purchases and how much were those converasions to buy.  These dominate successful campaigns.

REEDY To leverage Social Media Let Us create your
Professional Facebook™ Ads Strategy BUILD your

Real Estate Agency Exponentially.

Take the leap and build your POWERHOUSE presence online AND take advantage of 15% off your first month.

No more excuses – let this be the time you step out and shine online!